ANGRY MOB Attacks, Pummels FOX 2 Reporter with with Bottles, Chases Him Down Street after Stockley Verdict (VIDEO)

On Friday a St. Louis judge found former Police Officer Jason Stockley NOT GUILTY in the shooting death of Anthony Smith, a black suspected drug dealer.

Local St. Louis protesters called for “mass disruption” if former police officer Stockley was acquitted.

Former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Anthony Smith, who was shot and killed following a police chase in 2011.


Stockley testified in August in the murder trial.

Outraged protesters took to the streets of downtown St. Louis following the court’s decision.

Angry protesters shut down Market and Tucker Boulevard in downtown St. Louis this afternoon.

Local FOX 2 reporter Dan Gray was covering the protests in downtown St. Louis.
An angry protester in a Colin Kaepernick jersey started screaming at Dan Gray, the mob then pushed him out of the area and chased him down the street.
The attack was captured by Rebelolutionary Z.

It looks like protesters may have swung at Gray as he left the area.
This was disgusting. Gray is just a local reporter!

Hat Tip Ed:

We now know Dan Gray got pummeled with water bottles!

More on Dan Gray at FOX 2.

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