WOW! James Woods Slams Hollywood Cult of Liberals, Admits Blacklist of Conservative Actors

James Woods is a conservative actor who routinely shares his political beliefs on his social media. He doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a Trump supporter which is rare for someone in Hollywood. 

In a series of tweets, Woods reveals that there are many other Hollywood conservatives, however; they remain silent about their political beliefs out of fear of being blacklisted. Hollywood is a cult of liberalism and if you dare say anything off script that the cult leaders don’t approve of, you will be unable to find work as an actor.

James Woods actually said that his Republican actor friends are terrified of losing their ability to provide for their families in response to someone who asked him how coming out about his conservative views affected his career.


In another tweet, Woods said, “Absolutely. The only reason I express my views is that I have accepted the fact that I’m blacklisted. Also I bought Apple stock in the 80’s,” in response to someone who asked him, “Are there more actors than we know, and they all just remain quiet for fear of being shunned and blacklisted?”

James Woods is only able to speak his mind because he is financially secure and isn’t beholden to the cult leaders of Hollywood.

We are huge fans and supporters of James Woods here at The Gateway Pundit.

Tim Allen’s show ‘Last Man Standing’ was recently cancelled even though it had strong ratings; many speculated it was because he is a conservative who came out in support of President Trump. Breitbart News reported:

Allen himself is also conservative, and has in the past expressed support for President Donald Trump. In March, the actor told Jimmy Kimmel he had attended Trump’s inauguration and that conservatives in Hollywood need to be “real careful” when discussing their political beliefs.

The show’s cancellation appeared to come as a surprise to fans, as its ratings had reportedly been solid, as Daily Wire’s John Nolte notedLast Man Standing averaged 6.4 million viewers in its final season and a 1.2 rating amongst adults 18-49, strong numbers for a Friday night comedy. But Deadline also notes that Last Man Standing was down just 5 percent this season, a stellar result when compared with other shows were generally down by as much as 20-30 percent. The show was also reportedly performing extraordinarily well in syndication.

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