FAKE NEWS=> CNN Hack Jim Acosta Furious Because Trump Can’t Hear His Questions While Boarding Helicopter

“You are very fake news.”

CNN’s White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta who is known for his theatrical childish outbursts during press briefings, took things to another level Thursday when he attempted to argue with President Trump’s senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller, over a new Republican-backed bill which reduces legal immigration.

It turns out Acosta’s fellow colleagues at CNN are even fed up with his antics. One of his colleagues accused Acosta of angling to host an opinion show on the network.

Acosta was back at it on Friday.
The fake news reporter was furious after President Trump would not answer his questions while boarding a military helicopter.


As /pol/ reported, “Jim Acosta had a temper tantrum because President Trump wasn’t able to hear his dumb questions over the sound of a military helicopter.”

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