Watch Liberal Media Lie About Trump Denouncing David Duke and KKK (VIDEO)

For years Donald Trump has denounced the KKK and David Duke. But the liberal media continues to lie and say he didn’t. This is what they feed the American people on a daily basis. Is it any wonder why they continue to lose support from informed Americans.

710 WOR put together this incredible video of Donald Trump disavowing David Duke and the KKK.

At one point in the the 10 minute video Trump attacks the media for their constant lies and attempts to link Donald Trump to the KKK and David Duke.


Donald Trump: When I put out that I reject David Duke and the KKK nobody picks it up. You know why not? Because they don’t want to pick it up… They don’t want to pick it up. Now they have been asked this question so many times. I have rejected it so many times.

This is an amazing video.
The liberal media cannot be trusted to report the truth today.
Via 710 WOR:

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