Violent Brawls Erupt in Portland=> Left-Wing Antifa Pepper Spray, Attack Trump Supporters (VIDEOS)

Portland, OR – Far-left masked Antifa members showed up at the Patriot Prayer ‘Freedom March’ Sunday to disrupt and attack Trump supporters.

Antifa must be designated a terrorist organization. Masks should also be banned for public protesters.

Portland Police announced that anyone breaking the law will be subject to arrest.

KATU News captured footage of the march and the violent brawls:

Bloodied man being tended to:


Trump supporters chanting ‘USA! USA!’ while left-wing Antifa (the real fascists) scream ‘Nazi’s go home!’


More fighting and more pepper spray:


Antifa burning an American flag:


Although nobody was arrested Sunday, Portland Police announced that they are reviewing video feed and people involved in unlawful activity are subject to arrest today or a later date:


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