VIDEO=> Southside Chicago Blacks Reject Calls from Local Elites and Race-Baiters to Tear Down Washington Statue

Earlier this month Chicago Pastor Bishop James Dukes called for the renaming of Washington and Jackson Parks in the city.

Dukes wants the parks renamed after historic black figures.

In response to this announcement by Bishop James Dukes RebelPundit filmmakers Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus followed Chicago community organizer, Paul McKinley, on a tour of the south side neighborhood, Washington Park to ask locals what they thought removing Washington’s statue was a good idea.

The filmmakers found local residents were opposed to a local pastor’s calls to remove George Washington’s name and statue from Washington park.

Rebel Pundit reported:


Inner-city blacks are rejecting calls from a Chicago Pastor to tear down the George Washington Monument and change the name of Washington Park, and one community organizer says the attacks against our nation’s historical monuments are an attempt to manufacture a race war that won’t help anyone in the black community.

Following the fallout of the Charlottesville riots over the removal of the Democrat Confederate General Robert E. Lee monument, a Chicago Pastor is now calling to change the name of Washington Park and remove a monument to our nation’s first president, George Washington.

Chicago community organizer, Paul McKinley, invited my co-producer, Andrew Marcus, and myself; on a tour of the south side neighborhood surrounding Washington Park and the statue to hear from him and other residents their feelings on the media manufactured debate to erase our nation’s history.

McKinley, along with area residents we encountered during our shoot do not agree with Pastor Bishop James Dukes, and say George Washington should be left alone.

In our new short film, Smashing Statues: The Race War Hoax, released exclusively on, McKinley explains, the whole Charlottesville debacle was a “bait and switch,” designed by democrat and communist revolutionary forces to distract the people from what is really going on in the community.

McKinley says, “while they’re taking about changing the name, our community needs jobs, contracts, and opportunity. This is a way to stop talking about black folks not working. Black folks get no contracts. Our schools are being closed down. Our houses are being boarded up. But you want to talk about a statue.”

The Democrat Party has proven it cannot feed the African American community. So they’re pretending that, okay, we’re going to fight your fight about something that’s got something to do with racism.

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