VIDEO: College Professors Harass, Abuse Student Group on Nebraska-Lincoln Campus – Because They’re Conservative

This happened at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

The Alt-Left is so powerful on college campuses today that they feel no shame in publicly abusing conservative students.

Teaching assistant Courtney Lawton was captured on film abusing students.

A group of students representing the conservative Turning Points USA organization were abused and harassed at the Lincoln campus.


Turning Point USA promotes free markets and limited government.
That’s it. And they are getting this kind of abuse form the Alt-left administreation… In Nebraska!
The abuse was caught on video.

The far left profs and teaching assistants were calling the conservatives “neo-fascists” because anyone who is slightly conservative — in NEBRASKA — is a fascist!
This is the American left today. If you disagree with them you are a Nazi neo-fascist.
The debate is over.
Now they just want to abuse you and crack skulls.

Via Campus Reform:

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