Video: Antifa Thugs Given Heroes Welcome by Anti-Free Speech Protesters at Boston Common

Alt-Left protesters gathered Saturday on Boston Common in opposition to a Free Speech rally gave a raucous heroes welcome to several dozen black-clad Antifa thugs marching in formation through the protesters.

Video of the heroes welcome was posted by Vox reporter Alex Ward with the observation, “Most counterprotestors are applauding and cheering antifa on.”


The video is taken from a distance, but the black-clad Antifa thugs can be seen moving through the crowd as loud cheers from those near them welcome their arrival.

Ward’s report on the rally, comprising of interviews with nine Free Speech rally supporters and protesters featuring an interview with the woman seen in his photograph holding a sign supporting free speech for all, can be read at this link.

Ward posted several video reports from the rally on his Twitter feed.

The Antifa thugs cheered by the Alt-Left protesters attacked Boston police officers with urine bottles, rocks and other harmful objects.

Video by Philip Crowther, White House Correspondent for France 24, posted video of Antifa thugs clashing with police.

(Featured image: Screen grab from Fox News video showing Antifa violence at Boston Common.)

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