Unhinged Media Now Attacks Trump For Tweeting About Election After Tweeting About Hurricane

President Trump received enormous praise by Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his swift action to deploy FEMA and other assistance to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

On Sunday, Governor Abbott told CBS the president has provided “everything we need to Texas.”

The governor told CNN he has spoken with the president several times in the last few days. President Trump has also been communicating with the American people about his efforts to help people in Texas; he started monitoring the hurricane before it made landfall.

President Trump posted over 20 tweets updating the American people about Hurricane Harvey, yet the fake news media is going ballistic over his one tweet about his upcoming visit to Missouri and mentioned he won that state by a large margin during the 2016 Presidential election.


Here are a few tweets from POTUS Trump showing true leadership and the swift action he took to send out supplies and rescue efforts for people affected by Hurricane Harvey:

Since the fake news media can’t attack President Trump over his amazing leadership dealing with the devastating hurricane, they had to throw a tantrum over this tweet. This is how desperate the media is these days.

The Hill ran a headline ‘Trump boasts of 2016 election victory after tweeting about Hurricane Harvey’:

Trump haters went crazy, calling him narcissistic and questioning whether he has any humanity left. I’m sure these same liberals said that about Obama while he was golfing during the devastating floods in Louisiana in August of 2016. Then-candidate Donald Trump showed up to Louisiana to help people in need, but the liberals will never see past their seething hatred for Trump to see what a compassionate leader he truly is.

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