Tim Kaine Gets Savaged on Twitter For Defending Violent Left-Wing Antifa

Former Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine defended the violent left-wing terrorists of Antifa on Tuesday–and the internet responded.

Tim Kaine, whose Antifa son was recently arrested and charged for mob riot and violence against Trump supporters, took to his Twitter account to defend violence from the left. Tim Kaine tweeted, “Charlottesville violence was fueled by one side: white supremacists spreading racism, intolerance and intimidation. Those are the facts.”

So Tim Kaine is saying that violence against people you disagree with is acceptable. The First Amendment protects all speech even if it is offensive. Violent left-wing Antifa terrorists always show up to rallies and attack people they disagree with and the fake news media says NOTHING.


There is plenty of blame to go around for Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, but to say it was only fueled by one side is a demonstrably false statement.







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