That’s The Spirit! Texas Flood Evacuees Take Shots On Their Rescue Boat (VIDEO)

If your city is flooded, you might as well make the most of things. Barstool Sports posted a hilarious clip to Instagram of Texans taking shots of what appears to be SKYY Vodka on their rescue boat.

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"Yeah I'm not sure that was water" @barstoolnewsnet

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Barstool Sports reports:

It’s difficult to find humor in the disastrous situations arising from Hurricane Harvey, but this newscaster’s obliviousness to life helps. Nope. That’s not water, lady. That’s some first class (redacted – no free ads). As it should be. If I’m taking a rescue boat in flooded waters evacuating from my home, the first thing I’m looking for is the Whiskey. Nothing brown around? Vodka is one of the next best things. Beggers can’t be choosers in disaster zones. Hell, it could be Skinny Girl or its cancerous turpentine equivalent at that point and I’d throw one back to distract myself from reality.

As The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday, a group of crazy teens decided to have a little fun amid Houston’s historic flooding by wakeboarding and tubing through the streets.

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