TGP EXCLUSIVE: Inside The All-Star Fundraiser of Maxine Waters’ GOP Challenger Omar Navarro (VIDEO)

By Josh Caplan & Arthur Schaper

Omar Navarro is a 28-year old Hispanic conservative and hard-core Trump supporter. He is also running for Congress against Maxine Waters in the 43rd Congressional District. His first major fundraiser took place at the Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verde California, the perfect place for an outspoken, active conservative Millennial to make his mark in one of the most contentious Congressional races to come.

This year, Waters has faced unprecedented scrutiny and criticism. Her incendiary, false outbursts against President Trump have turned her into a national laughingstock. Despite the claims of the media, her following among Millennials has not granted her the new following she had hoped. Even worse, in the latest fundraising quarter, Waters raised a paltry $26,000 compared to challenger Navarro, who raked in an impressive $31,000.


And that number just got larger at Trump Golf Course at Omar Navarro’s fundraiser, which featured guerrilla artist Sabo, who had epically trolled Waters at her town hall at Inglewood High School.

The next speaker, Joe Biggs of, whipped up the crowd into a fevered pitch of support.

But the biggest speaker of the night was the one and only Roger Stone, the campaign consultant for Presidential campaigns, ranging from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan and recently Donald Trump.

Some of Stone’s key remarks about Navarro included:

“This Congressional Race is different. This race is not about liberal or conservative. It’s not about Republican or Democrat. It’s about a corrupt public official … and a tough and young energetic reformer who will provide honest government.”

The contrast between the old and muddy Waters—whom Stone calls “the evil poverty pimp witch”–with the young and vibrant Navarro could not be clearer. The ethically challenged Waters has been in Congress for 27 years, has passed only three bills while earning the distinction of Most Corrupt Congressman four times. She qualifies as “The Swamp Thing” when it comes to corrupt power brokers.

She doesn’t even live in her district, as she owns a $4.3 million mansion in Hancock Park. In contrast, Omar Navarro was born and raised in the 43rd Congressional district, a young Latino who articulated the jobs and education problems facing the residents of the district. Currently, the 43rd encompasses the Westmont section of Los Angeles (now the most violent section of Los Angeles County, if not the state of California and the country), Inglewood Hawthorne, the eastern section of Torrance and Lomita. Navarro has lived and worked in many of these cities throughout is young life.

How was this young Latino from Torrance, CA able to get in touch with Roger Stone? “We were put in touch by our mutual friend Alex Jones. He spots young talent like Omar, and told me ‘I want you to look at Omar for this race.’”

In his stump speech, with “Eye of the Tiger” blaring behind him as he took the podium, Navarro mentioned: “I’m very proud to have Roger on our time. That’s a major win for us.” He invite the crowd of at least 50 people, including many Millennial conservatives, including Hispanics, to come closer. He outlined his concerns about improving the economy while strengthening public safety for the 43rd Congressional District. He pointed out that unlike his incumbent challenger, Navarro could connect and identity with the needs of the voters.

Navarro’s second bid for Maxine Waters’ seat has already gained incredible national attention and following, including a wide range of individual donors from within and outside the district. Where most Congressional elections tend to be local affairs with little influence from national issues, Omar’s campaign against the Democrat Party and the Washington Establishment—with a lot of help from the famous Roger Stone, should ensure that media outlets left and right pay close attention to this intense rematch.

And Waters better pay attention, too, since her chances of getting re-elected are diminishing daily as Navarro’s presence grows significantly.

Has she finally met her match? Will she survive Election 2018?

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