Texas GOP Congressman “Absolutely Trapped” in His Home Amid Harvey Flooding (VIDEO)


GOP Rep. Brian Babin is trapped inside his Texas home amid historic flooding caused by Tropical Storm Harvey.

The Hill reports:

“I am absolutely trapped in my house,” Babbit said from his home in Tyler County, northeast of Houston.

“I don’t have a way to get out until we have floodwaters recede here,” Babin told CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Babin, who said his family is with him in his home, explained he lives behind a creek that had flooded and blocked his home’s exit.

“We could not get out unless a helicopter plucks me out of here or I get in my boat and launch it.

“But we’re fine, these waters are going to recede hopefully sometime this evening, and we’re doing well. This hurricane is of a magnitude that I have never seen before,” he continued.

“I’m from this part of the country. I have seen many tornadoes, and hurricanes, and flood events. Never have I seen one like this,” he added.

How massive is the storm?

15 trillion gallons of rain water were dumped on Texas since Hurricane Harvey roared through the area.


Officials are expecting at least 2 trillion more before it is all over.

The Red Cross relief director told NPR today the flooding area is castostrophic and the size of Lake Michigan!

The Texas flood water is like the 6th Great Lake!

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