SICK! Unhinged Public School Teachers Reenact Toppling of Confederate Statue at School Event

Teachers at taxpayer funded School for Creative Studies in Durham, North Carolina reenacted toppling of a Confederate statue outside of a Courthouse.

One of the teachers in the picture appears to be dressed like a member of the violent left-wing group, Antifa with a black hoodie and mask. All of the teachers are laughing and another one is holding up her fist like a Black Lives Matter member. Sickening!

Taxpayers must demand that the teachers involved, all the way up to the Principal and Superintendent are held accountable. These people are teaching young students that dressing like Antifa terrorists and destroying property is acceptable.

The teachers in the image were mimicking the alt-left protesters who destroyed a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina in mid-August.

AP Dillon tweeted out, “Teachers at PUBLIC School of Creative studies in Durham ‘recreate’ toppling of statue outside Courthouse.”


Michelle Malkin responded to the shocking picture by saying, “Reason to homeschool, part 99,999,999”

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