WHAT A SICK JOKE: Democrats Announce New Platform and They Stole It From GOP and Trump

What an absolutely shameless liar!

Cryin’ Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to announce the “Democratic Principles of Tax Reform.”
The Democrats demand tax reform:
— Doesn’t cut taxes on the 1%
— Doesn’t increase the debt or deficit
— Is negotiated in far and open process

The gall of this man!
Under Obama the national debt DOUBLED from $10 Trillion to nearly $20 Trillion!
There was NO ATTEMPT by Democrats to curb spending – in fact one of their biggest flops was the $1 trillion failed “stimulus” plan.

It should be clear lying Democrat do not give a rip about spending.

Later today Cryin’ Chuck Schumer released a new Democratic trade plan.
Democrats say they want better trade deals.

Democrat Bill Clinton passed NAFTA that killed millions of US jobs.
Democrat Barack Obama signed the Trans Pacific Trade agreement — that would kill millions more.

Chuck Schumer and Democrats are running as Republicans — because Americans are waking up to the fact that real Democrat policy brings poverty and death.

This is fitting….

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