SICK! CNN Host Laughs After Pundit Compares Trump White House to ‘Las Vegas Brothel’ (VIDEO)

CNN host Kate Bolduan laughed after Trump-hating RINO, Ana Navarro compared the recent White House shake-ups to a Las Vegas brothel. Classy.

Perhaps Navarro is confusing the Trump White House to the Clinton administration when Slick Willie defiled the Oval Office.

“In 200 days, he’s had very few good days,” Navarro said.

“He failed at his signature promise of replace and repeal. His White House has had more people go in and out for quickies than a Las Vegas brothel. The chaos that has ensued is absolutely insane. He keeps fabricating things and outright lying, he keeps tweeting like a deranged person. He has caused international incidents. The leaks out of his White House are like cheesecloth,” Navarro continued as CNN’s Kate Bolduan giggled.

Navarro continued to hammer Trump, giving him a ‘C- or a D’ grade. Of course this inept, hate-filled woman ignores the fact that over 1 million jobs have been created and the stock market keeps hitting record highs.

ISIS is losing ground and MS-13 is on the run; a complete reversal from Obama’s pro-terrorist, pro-illegal immigration policies.

Most importantly, we have Neil Gorsuch. Gaining a SCOTUS seat is arguably the most important victory for conservatives during Trump’s first several months in office, if not his entire first term.

Ana Navarro is a bitter loser who worked on Jeb Bush’s pathetic campaign. She will never see the good in President Trump. If he were to walk on water, she would say he can’t swim.

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