Shock Video: Gay Antifa Marchers Attack Reporter in Richmond, VA — BEAT HIM WITH STICK

A reporter with Richmond, Virginia CBS affiliate WTVR-TV was attacked by protesters with an Antifa march that was chanting, “We’re here! We’re gay! We fight the KKK!”, after he refused their demands to stop filming the group’s protest march against the KKK Sunday night in downtown Richmond in response to the deadly Nazi-Antifa clashes in Charlottesville the day before.

Video of the attack and the attackers was posted to Twitter by WTVR, as well as photos of the reporter who was taken to the hospital where staples were used to close a gash on his head.

The attack was also live tweeted by WTVR: “There is a large crowd moving through the streets of #RVA. “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA.” Reportedly headed to Lee monument. People are screaming “go to bed” as the crowd marches by. #RVA The crowd is yelling at our news crew. They are telling us we can’t film them, and yelling profanity at the crew.”

“One of our photographers was hit with a stick in the back of the head by a protestor for shooting video of protest with his phone. @CBS6”

“”Film the clan (sic), don’t film us,” they are shouting as a square off begins. RPD gave final warning to disperse.”

Photo shows reporter’s head with wound stapled closed by doctors.

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