Several Obama Pardoned Felons Went Back to Life of Crime – But Liberal Media and RINOs Worried about Joe Arpaio

Barack Obama pardoned 1,927 individuals convicted of crimes including traitor Chelsea Manning and terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Here’s a partial list of the 1400 criminals Obama pardoned during his time in office.

Many of those criminals returned to a life of crime.
But their stories did not draw much media attention.

A San Antonio felon serving life in prison who was pardoned by Barack Obama crashed his car while fleeing officers after attempting a drug sale in February.

Robert M. Gill, 68, had his life sentence for cocaine and heroin distribution conspiracy commuted by Obama in 2016.
Gill was arrested in February.


Gill also had a 500 grams of cocaine.

A Texas crack-dealing grandmother was re-arrested in June for stealing laundry detergent.

In 2006 she was arrested for dealing crack cocaine.

On Friday President Trump pardoned 85 year-old Joe Arpaio. Democrats, the alt-left media and RINOs were very upset with the move.

They are really showing their stripes.

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