Sebastian Gorka Zings Keith Olbermann and the Fake News Media Complex

Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka zinged left-wing lunatic Keith Olbermann and the fake news media complex on Monday.

Dr. Gorka said in an interview over the weekend that he will be joining Steve Bannon and Breitbart in their fight to take down the fake news media complex and he’s wasting no time.

Political reporter, Nick Short tweeted out a stunning collage of some of Keith Olbermann’s profane tweets towards President Trump and said, “President Trump lives rent free in Keith Olbermann’s head. He’s driven him past the point of insanity!”

Some of Keith Olbermann’s tweets to Trump: “To hell with you motherf*cking traitor”, “Go f*ck yourself” and “You will not destroy this country, Donald Trump. Go f*ck yourself”.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka responded to Nick Short’s tweet by saying, “Question: How many of Olbermann’s colleagues in the fake news industrial complex secretly share his pathological sentiments?”


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