Sebastian Gorka on Rose Unplugged: We’re Going to Help President Trump Push Back on Forces inside the People’s House (AUDIO)

Sebastian Gorka joined conservative radio host Rose Tennent on Wednesday to discuss his professional move out of the Trump White House and his continued mission to serve this country.

Gorka had this to say about his decision to leave the Trump White House.

I joined Steve Bannon and decided the best way to serve this president is to serve from the outside. That’s the reality right now. But you shouldn’t be afraid. If you voted for this president and you believe we should get this nation back on track don’t worry. The president assured me before I resigned that he will stay on the agenda and we are going to help him push back on the forces inside the People’s House so that we can realize his agenda. In economic, national security and immigration he will stay the course. But now the game goes to the outside and we have to play the long game.

This was another great interview by Sebastian Gorka.


Here is the audio from Rose Unplugged:

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