Scaramucci Wishes Chief of Staff Kelly Well in First Video Since Removal as WH Communications Director

TMZ caught up with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. In the first video of Scaramucci since his removal, the hedge fund manager wished Chief of Staff Kelly well, as he exited the Trump Hotel in D.C.

TMZ: What’s your best advice for the next communications director coming in?

Scaramucci: It’s not appropirate for me to comment right now, but I apperciate you being here because I know you have a job to do.

TMZ: So what are you going to do next man? You have a lot of money on the line, a big business, you have a new family. What are you going to do next?

Scaramucci: You know what I’m going to do next? Work on being the best person I can be and I want General Chief of Staff Kelly to have an unbelievable opportunity inside the White House.

TMZ: Did you have a chance to say goodbye to the President before you left?

Scaramucci: That’s it for right now.

TMZ: Let me ask you this. In entertainment, people are talking about ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ you, Spicer, others, is that something you’d consider?

Scaramucci: I don’t know how to dance.

TMZ reports:

Anthony Scaramucci is not done with D.C. yet — the morning after he bolted from the White House, he was cruising out of the Trump Hotel … and talking about his future.

This is the first time the Mooch has talked publicly since Monday’s bombshell announcement, and you can tell it still kinda stings. He was asked about saying goodbye to President Trump — after just 10 days on the job — and he was kinda tight-lipped.

He did open up about his new personal goal, and then added a message for new Chief of Staff Gen. Kelly — the guy some believe called for Mooch’s resignation.


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