SAD! Hillary Clinton Waddles Through New York City — And No One Notices Her (VIDEO)

Poor Hillary Clinton. The former presidential candidate went from nearly being the leader of the free world, to a mere unrecognizable mortal. Clinton was completely ignored by New Yorkers during last weekend’s shopping trip. 

Daily Mail UK reports:

It was a girls’ day out for Hillary Clinton as she and two friends shopped along New York’s Madison Avenue on Saturday.

The former first lady was dressed in a navy blue ensemble, along with black flats, as she laughed and walked on the city streets with her gal pals.

Flanked by three walking Secret Service agents and two Secret Service vehicles behind, Hillary was greeted by members of the public who seemingly showed support, taking selfies and giving hugs.

The former Secretary of State stopped into Kate Spade, Asprey and a stationary store before getting into her car and driving off.

The Clintons all went their separate ways for the weekend. While Hillary was on her trip to New York City, Chelsea promoted her book in the Hamptons, and Bill visited Colorado.

On Friday, Hillary was spotted heading into the Bergdorf Goodman before arriving at the Chatwal Hotel in New York.

She stepped out in a cobalt blue pant suit and was all smiles as she entered the hotel flanked by three secret service vehicles.

Perhaps Clinton should resort to hikes in the woods, where she has had more luck being noticed. Who could forget the media fawning over “heartbroken” mother Margot Gerster running into the failed presidential candidate in the Chappaqua woods shortly after Donald Trump won the White House.

New York Daily News wrote:

A “heartbroken” mother took her daughters hiking to decompress after the election, and she got quite the surprise when she ran into Hillary and Bill Clinton in the Chappaqua woods.

Margot Gerster took to Facebook to post a photo of herself, alongside Hillary Clinton, who was walking her dog, on the wooden trail Thursday.

Margot Gerster, a New York resident, shared a photo of herself and Hillary Clinton. She encountered the former First Lady while hiking Thursday.
Margot Gerster, a New York resident, shared a photo of herself and Hillary Clinton. She encountered the former First Lady while hiking Thursday.


“I’ve been feeling so heartbroken since yesterday’s election and decided what better way to relax than take my girls hiking,” she wrote on Facebook.

Gerster spotted Bill Clinton first, and then she made her way to greet the former first couple.

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