Our Response to Vicious Lies by Syndicated Radio Host Dana Loesch

Since the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States The Gateway Pundit has been under constant attack by the liberal media, far left groups, angry #NeverTrumpers and Trump opponents.

The Gateway Pundit supported Donald Trump for president as did millions of Americans. Donald Trump won more votes than any Republican in history in the GOP primary and the national election. Donald Trump won the election in an electoral landslide.

Since January we have suffered significant hits in advertising. Far left groups have targeted TGP as a hate site for supporting President Trump. One of the largest advertising networks labeled The Gateway Pundit as “undesirable” and refused to post ads on our website.

The Gateway Pundit has also been under constant assault by the liberal media. Since we announced our presence in the White House press room the liberal media ramped up their attacks and smears. The Gateway Pundit’s White House reporter Lucian Wintrich was viciously attacked in the press room by an uninformed and unhinged reporter in March. The reporter screamed at Lucian and accused him and The Gateway Pundit of being an anti-Semitic, anti-gay, racist, white supremacist website. Lucian, a gay conservative, is the grandson of a Nazi occupation survivor.


In May I was blocked from speaking at a pro-Trump rally in St. Louis by a #NeverTrumper who was angry at TGP for our success and support of President Trump.

In June The Gateway Pundit went before a committee of “our peers” to request a press pass to the Senate press gallery. The committee denied our request. We heard about this from a liberal media outlet an hour after we left the hearing. The committee did not inform us of their decision for another 24 hours. A week later committee member Anna Palmer of Politico got drunk and told off a group of Trump allies at a hotel in Washington DC. Anna was one of six reporters who voted to reject our application for a Senate gallery press pass.

Meanwhile, #NeverTrumpers have never forgiven us for supporting Donald Trump.

In July a Twitter account was created to track every correction by Gateway Pundit and our staff.

The twitter page has 17 followers including Dana Loesch and her husband.

You’ll notice the 17 includes mostly “principled” conservatives.  This is another way we are attacked by those who oppose us.

On Monday conservative radio host Dana Loesch went on air and accused me of posting photos and information on her home address online.
Here is what Dana Loesch accused me of on her syndicated radio show:

I say this as somebody who has been targeted by the alt right. I say this as somebody who had her home addresses and photos of her house published by the alt right which were then republished-circulated by Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit. He is part of the alt right and they hate me. They hate my guts because I have confronted their identity politics. I hate identity politics. I hate all that crap I think it is a poor substitute for a belief.

The segment aired on several stations across the country.

This is a complete lie. I never did such a thing. I have never posted Dana’s address or photos of her home online. I have never retweeted photos of her home or her address online.

Loesch also included me in the Alt-right movement – a movement now linked to white supremacists and racists. Richard Spencer has personally attacked me and reporter Lucian Wintrich repeatedly on Twitter. According to the leader of the Alt-right we are their opposition, not members of the movement. Linking someone to the Alt-Right at this point puts a target on that person. This was another despicable smear.

This morning I contacted my attorney. I understand that there are people out there who wish us harm. But I won’t be silent when I am lied about in such a vicious way by an angry syndicated radio host.

This is very disappointing considering Dana and I were friends just a short time ago.

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