Report: Pence Spearheading Coup to Remove POTUS Trump

As TGP reported earlier, Steve Bannon is out at the White House.

Matt Drudge reported that Steve Bannon is out. Drudge tweeted from his personal Twitter account, “Bannon had one hell of a run..”

Now the same reporters who had inside knowledge of many other White House staffers’ departures are reporting Mike Pence is one of the driving forces behind the coup to remove Trump from office.

Independent journalist, Mike Cernovich, who broke the Susan Rice unmasking story revealed Friday on Periscope that Mike Pence is working to remove Trump in a Deep State coup. Sources are also telling Cernovich and other independent journalists that the Republicans in Congress are counting votes for impeachment. The House is reportedly 3 votes away from an impeachment vote.


Yashar Ali of HuffPo also tweeted out the same ominous sentiment about Mike Pence:

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