Random Man at Protests Interviewed By MSNBC, NY Times Is Deep State Shill Linked to George Soros

The random Charlottesville observer who was interviewed by MSNBC and liberal outlets turns out to be a deep state shill with links to George Soros.

It looks like the State Department was involved in Charlottesville rioting and is trying to cover it up.

But after Deep State got caught they are trying to erase this guy from their records.

Via Reddit The Donald:

Brennan Gilmore tweeted out a video of the horrific car attack on Saturday by white supremacist James Alex Fields.

Gilmore’s tweet went viral and he was interviewed by MSNBC and other liberal outlets.

The New York Times included Gilmore’s comments in their report on the attack.

The New York Times later removed the quote.

The State Department is very familiar with Brennan Gilmore. He was involved in the Kony 2012 operation.

The State Department later removed any reference of Brennan. Why would the State Department react in such a way?
Why would the State Department scrub that?

Brennan Gilmore was also Chief of Staff for liberal Rep. Tom Perrielo.

Tom Perrielo was given $385,000 from far left donor George Soros.

This weekend Brennan Gilmore happened to be in Charlottesville with the rioters. The media knows exactly who he is yet played it off like a casual observer.

This is how the Deep State is working with the liberal media to shape narrative and fool the American people.

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