President Trump Fires Off Late Night Tweet Slamming Fake News

President Trump fired off a tweet Sunday night slamming fake news media for ignoring his accomplishments in his first 6 months as President.

President Trump is correct. The fake news media obsesses over Russian conspiracy theories and how many scoops of ice cream he eats rather than reporting on things that actually matter to the American people.

President Trump fired off a tweet slamming the fake news media for refusing to report on anything positive about his first 6 months as President. Trump said, “The Fake News refuses to report the success of the first 6 months: S.C., surging economy & jobs, border & military security, ISIS & MS-13 etc.

Here’s a look at just a few of President Trump’s accomplishments!

As TGP reported:

** On Monday President TRUMP Recorded His 30th Stock Market Record High

** On Tuesday President TRUMP Recorded His 31st Stock Market Record High

** For 5 Days in a Row the Stock Market has Reached All Time Closing Highs

** The Market Is Up 20% Since the November Election

** More than 1 in 4 Days is a New Record High

** Market Approaches 22,000!

Since the election on November 8th the DOW has closed at record highs an amazing 48 times! More than one-fourth or 25% of the 182 days the markets have closed have been record highs since the November 8th election. The market is up 20% since the election!

Unemployment is going down, good paying jobs are increasing, the US GDP broke $19 Trillion for the first time ever under President Trump and the American people are making money again!

If this all continues President Trump will be the Greatest Economic President ever!

The American economy produced over 1 million new jobs since Trump stepped into office. America was just made that much greater.

Via Breitbart:

Defying expectations that job creation would slump this year, America has added more than 200,000 jobs in four out of Trump’s six months in office. That brought the total number of jobs created since the start of February to 1.07 million. On average, the economy created 179,000 jobs in each of the first six months of Trump’s presidency.

ISIS is losing power. Even far left WaPo admits Trump’s policies have led to victories against ISIS:

Nearly a third of territory reclaimed from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria since 2014 has been won in the past six months, due to new policies adopted by the Trump administration, a senior State Department official said Friday.

Brett McGurk, the State Department’s senior envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition, said that steps President Trump has taken, including delegating decision-making authority down from the White House to commanders in the field, have “dramatically accelerated” gains against the militants.

President Trump is just getting started. Turning America around after 8 years of Obama who allowed ISIS to metastasize and illegals to flood in while nearly killing Americans with high taxes and Obamacare is going to take some time.

Imagine what Trump could accomplish if we actually had a Congress that functioned and had the desire to help the average American rather than lobbyists and special interest groups.

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