Photo Of Steve Bannon With Blood On His Face Is Completely FAKE (PHOTOS)

Satire site The Onion published a story with a photoshopped picture of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon with blood running out of his mouth. While it is well known The Onion is a fake news site, many actually believed the photo was real. Instead of apologizing for tweeting the fake picture, numerous Liberals have opted to keep it posted.

The Onion article is titled “Nervous Steve Bannon Binge-Eats Entire Class Of Interns Amid Calls For Removal.”

How edgy. Not.


Per Gizmodo:

The photo was published to The Onion under the headline, “Nervous Steve Bannon Binge-Eats Entire Class of Interns Amid Calls For Removal.”

The original photo from Getty Images was taken by photographer Mark Wilson at the White House on April 20, 2017, and looks like this:

Do you see the difference? Some blood has been added to Bannon’s lip and shirt in The Onion’s version. It’s not much, leading to the confusion. But enough that we know it’s fake.

One more time, here’s the fake:


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