Patriot Prayer Group Cuts Presser Short: ‘We Gotta Go, Antifa Is On Their Way!’ (VIDEO)

San Francisco, CA – The Oregon-based Patriot Prayer group decided to cancel their free speech rally planned for Saturday due to fears left-wing Antifa terrorists were going to show up and cause a violent brawl.

Antifa still decided to show up and their press conference in Alamo Park was cut short.

About 30-45 minutes into the press conference, Patriot Prayer got word that Antifa terrorists were on their way.

“I’m sorry but we’ve been told that Antifa, ISIS members are on their way here so you might want to clear out unless you want to be here for that violence. We don’t want to be here because we did not come here for the violence,” said one of the leaders of Patriot Prayer.

Circa News reported that hundreds of demonstrators surrounded Alamo Square Park to counter-protest the rally Saturday morning.


Authorities closed off the park and are closely monitoring the area.

The mainstream media will twist this like they always do. These peaceful Patriot Prayer members are being labeled as Nazi’s while the violent left-wing Antifa members looking for a fight are called ‘peace activists’.


Video clip via Irma Hinojosa live reporting with Periscope

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