NYT Alleged ‘Leaked Bombshell’ Climate Report Published Monday Was Public FOR MONTHS!

The New York Times claims they have obtained a leaked bombshell draft government climate assessment, but the document has been available since January, according to the scientists who worked on the report.

The New York Times claim to have “obtained” a draft copy of the “National Climate Assessment (NCA)”, and quoted “unnamed” scientists allegedly feared “the Trump administration could change or suppress the report.”

The overhyping by the New York Times is extremely embarrassing.

They even alleged that “global warming skeptics” were worried that the draft report, “as well as the larger NCA, will be publicly released.”

Turns out it was publicly released, and the scientists who worked on it took to Twitter to express both their confusion and to set the record straight.

An important thing to note: the Trump administration would not and is not suppressing this information and instead is actually looking for scientists to review the draft report.