Newsweek’s Latest Cover Trashes Workaholic Trump as ‘Lazy Boy’ – Uses Racist Symbolism to Depict White Americans

H4>Newsweek’s latest cover trashes President Trump as a ‘lazy boy’ president.


This is the same president who sleeps only 4-5 hours a night and works all day and most weekends!

Newsweek calls him the Boy King.


Is there any question about liberal media bias today?

The Newsweek cover is not just offensive it is a lie.

The truth is that President Trump’s accomplishments are staggering.

And that was in just the first 6 months!

Newsweek then goes on to bash Trump voters.

So he sits and stews, like Al Bundy, the shoe-selling protagonist of Married … With Children, the sitcom of roiling white discontent that predicted Trump better than any political scientist or pundit. Unsatisfying job, ungrateful children, all around him a nation in decline. Bundy dreams of the days when he was a high school football star; Trump, of his election-night romp through the Upper Midwest.But that was long ago. Reality is here, an unwelcome intrusion for the aging reality television star.

That “reality” was fun. This one isn’t. This one has special counsel Robert S. Mueller III rooting around like a bloodhound in his personal finances and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell droning on about budget reconciliation, whatever that is, and right-wing pundit Ann Coulter hectoring him on Twitter about illegal immigration. On the television, there is always California Representative Adam Schiff, talking about collusion with Russia and looking pissed.

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