New Book Blasts the Clintons: Hillary ‘Put Up With’ Bill’s Sexual ‘Groping, Grabbing Women’

A new book is set to release next week by Biographer Craig Shirley and in it are claims that Hillary put up with Bill Clinton’s creepy groping of women.

Nothing says ‘feminist’ like putting up with a husband who constantly cheats and runs around with tons of women while publicly humiliating you. Bravo, Hillary. Hillary will do anything for power and money as her sham of a marriage proves.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Biographer Craig Shirley, who’s written several authoritative histories on former President Ronald Reagan, poured over Clinton’s womanizing and its impact on his early presidency in his latest book about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Citizen Newt, the Making of a Reagan Conservative.

 In the first authorized biography about Gingrich since he has emerged at Trump’s top outside advisor, Shirley details his influence and fights over the past four decades in Washington, many coming during the Clinton years when the Republican became speaker.

“Everybody knew somebody who had a story about Clinton grabbing or groping a woman,” Shirley wrote in Citizen Newt, provided to Secrets in advance of its August 29 release.

“The astonishing thing was not just that he got away with it, repeatedly, without being sued, but that Hillary put up with it, as did the American people. But Clinton had perfected the talent of ‘getting away with it’ since his childhood. He could, as they say, charm the pants off of you. Or her,” he penned on page 357 of the book published by Thomas Nelson Press, a branch of HarperCollins Christian Publishing Inc.

Interestingly, Slick Willie was able to ‘get away’ with his years of affairs and groping women, however; it really plagued Hillary Clinton during her run for the presidency. Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims surfaced and delivered punishing rounds of social media posts, interviews and even showed up at a debate.


Hillary Clinton is unlike-able as it is, but having a husband who has been accused of raping and groping multiple women certainly didn’t help her. She acted appalled by the Billy Bush tape of Donald Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ yet she accepted her own husband’s years of sexual deviancy. Amazing.

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