MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid Makes ‘Nazi Joke’ Following Gorka’s Resignation – Twitter Responds

MSNBC’s hate-filled Joy-Ann Reid attacked Sebastian Gorka following his resignation with a ‘Nazi joke’ and the internet responded.

As TGP previously reported, Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka, resigned from the White House.

If a conservative white person in the media made a ‘Nazi joke’, or a ‘slave joke’ they would be forced to resign after hell fire and brimstone rained down. Why is it always a different set of rules for liberals like Joy-Ann Reid?

Joy-Ann Reid tweeted out, “When you get fired on vacation and Kelly yanks your temporary security clearance before you can get back.” She then hashtagged “Gorked” and “DidNaziThatComing”.

Of course Ms. Reid has the right to say this, however; where is the liberal mafia asking for her to retract her statement and or be fired? Where’s the ADL? The SPLC?


Trump supporters attacked Joy-Ann Reid:

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