Mega Hillary Clinton Donor & Univision Chairman Defends POTUS Trump Against ‘Nazi’ Charges

You won’t see this on CNN. One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest political backers has come out against factious claims about President Trump being an anti-Semite. Nonsense he says, rather, it’s Black Lives Matter who hate Jews and the state of Israel.

Hollywood Reporter reports:

Haim Saban on Trump: “He’s Not an Anti-Semite”

“I disagree with the president with what appears to be a moral equivalence being drawn between the Nazis, who are shouting, ‘Kill the Jews,’ and the protesters who came to counter that statement,” says Haim Saban, the billionaire Univision chairman and Clinton backer. Still, “I do not believe that President Trump is a Nazi or anti-Semite.” Black Lives Matter, meanwhile, “is clearly an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel group,” he tells THR, citing BLM’s official platform that calls Israel “an apartheid state” responsible for “genocide.”

Not that Saban confirmed anything Trump supporters already knew, but his statement is an important one – especially, since he is a massive Hillary Clinton supporter and of course, wanted to see Trump lose ‘bigly.’

POLITICO on how important Saban is to team Clinton reports:

Known for two decades to be one of the Clintons’ top-tier supporters and a close personal friend, the billionaire chairman and part owner of Univision who brought Power Rangers to the United States has emerged in 2016 as all of the above, according to the clear picture painted by the hacked emails of campaign Chairman John Podesta published by WikiLeaks in recent weeks.

It’s not just that Saban — unanimously described by friends as brash and loving, particularly enamored of the Democratic nominee to the point of being famously upset when she lost to Barack Obama in 2008 — can get an immediate call back from Podesta or campaign manager Robby Mook with a simple, “Can one of you please call me at your earliest convenience? Tx.” And it’s not just that the private equity magnate, worth $3.6 billion according to Bloomberg, is the only West Coast donor to host Clinton for high-dollar fundraisers multiple times this cycle, contributing with his wife roughly $11.5 million to pro-Clinton 2016 efforts on top of his foundation contributions of between $10 million and $25 million, his $5 million for Bill Clinton’s presidential library in 2002, and his $7 million for a new Democratic National Committee headquarters.

Kara Young, the biracial model who dated Donald Trump has broken her silence amid the deadly attack in Charlottesville. Trump’s former girlfriend says she never heard him say anything racist — not once.

Inside Edition reports:

“I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people.”

“I didn’t hide my race from Donald Trump. He knew,” Kara Young told The New York Times. “He would say, ‘You’re like Derek Jeter.’ And I would say, ‘Exactly.’”

She told the paper that she’s never heard him make any sort of racist comments, but was left “horrified” by what he said about the deadly attack in Charlottesville.

During the campaign, the mom-of-two told the TV show Chasing News that the real estate tycoon is not a racist.

“I would never go out with anybody that was a racist — of course not — that’s crazy,”she said at the time. “Everyone asks me.”

The two met at a party in the Hamptons in 1997. At the time, she was a model, gracing the pages of the Victoria’s Secret catalog and countless magazines including Playboy in Germany.

Young and Trump dated for about two years. In 2007, she co-founded the salon, Hair Rules, in New York City, where she lives with her family.


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