Maxine Waters Gets Savaged on Twitter For Accusing AG Sessions of Having “Racist Agenda”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) can only articulate two things after doing nothing for her district (which she doesn’t even live in) for decades. She either calls for President Trump’s impeachment over his ‘Russian collusion’, or accuses his administration of being racist. Impressive.

Mad Maxine went on a tweetstorm accusing AG Sessions for having a ‘racist agenda’ even though Sessions actively fought to desegregate schools in Alabama and prosecuted a Klansman. Patriots slammed Maxine Waters and called her out for her corruption.

Maxine Waters sent out a tweet saying Trump should fires Sessions for his racist agenda, then claimed that is precisely why Trump chose him…of course this is based on ZERO facts, but what do you expect from Maxine Waters who grifts through life screaming racism everywhere she goes?


The internet responded accordingly:

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