After MASSIVE St. Louis Prison Protests Over No Air Conditioning — Prisoners Now Complain It’s Too Damn Cold!

In late July a massive protest broke out at the Workhouse (prison) in North St. Louis.

The prisoners were upset that there was no air conditioning at the prison.

Protesters lifted the fence and told other protesters to go underneath to enter the prison.
One protester even climbed over the fence!

Police officers showed up as over 100 protesters were on the scene. The protesters were apparently upset over the fact that the inmates don’t have air conditioning. Sounds legit.

The violent protesters demanded air conditioning for the prison.
They got it.

Now this.
Fast forward two weeks—-

The inmates at the Workhouse prison are now complaining the prison is too cold!

Prisoners are even breaking units to cut the cold air off.

Local Fox 2 News reported:
As the temperatures climbed into the 100’s a couple weeks ago, the inmates called for help by waiving white towels out of the windows.  Advocacy groups even took to protesting on their behalf by threatening to break down a fence to help the inmates.  However, after air conditioning units were installed the inmates are complaining it is too cold.  And one even took matters into his own hands, trying to damage one of the units.

Koran Addo, with Mayor Lyda Krewson’s office, said the staff at the prison were overwhelmed with complaints from inmates about the cooler temperatures. Addo said one inmate was even caught using a broom handle to break one of the cooling pipes from the air conditioner. The inmate was placed into administrative confinement.

The units are certainly not cheap and there is a substantial cost to the city for the AC units.

The cost of renting the portable air conditioners is $40,000 for the first month and $140,000 for three months.

Who will have to flip the bill to repair the damage and why is the city catering to the inmates? It seems there is nothing that will make these people happy.

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