Marco Rubio Posted TEN Tweets Condemning Trump and White Supremacists; But NO TWEETS Condemning Islamists After Barcelona Attack

Failed Presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio crawled out of his hole after the Charlottesville violence to condemn President Trump, white supremacists, Nazi’s and the KKK. 

Rubio was so angry over the violence from white nationalists that he sent out 10 tweets. In one tweet, he urged Trump to name the evil and say ‘white supremacists’. On Thursday, however; Marco Rubio only sent out one tweet following the deadly Islamic terrorist attack in Barcelona which resulted in over a dozen deaths and over 100 injured. In that one tweet, Marco Rubio didn’t even mention Islamic terrorism.

Here is Rubio’s tweetstorm where he harshly condemns the violent white nationalists from Saturday’s protest in Charlottesville. Notice how he goes into details about the evil ideology behind the violence and names the evil:


On Thursday, Rubio sent out ONE TWEET and didn’t even mention Islamic terrorism following the Barcelona terrorist attack. Rubio condemned Trump with more vigor than he condemned ISIS. Let that sink in.

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