Man Threatens To Smash Actor James Woods Over the Head with a 2×4 — Quickly Learns He Made a HUGE MISTAKE!

On Saturday evening, Hollywood star James Woods was threatened by Matthew E. Jacob of Huntington, Long Island, according to the firebrand conservative’s Twitter page. Jacob foolishly threatened Woods, not once, but twice. HUGE mistake!

“if I see you in the street I will hit you over the head with a 2 x 4,” threatened Jacob.

Woods quickly took a screen shot of the threat and tweeted it to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, pondering if “Twitter will actually do anything if a conservative is threatened.”

Jacob also warned Woods that he was “the first person” he’s coming for when the next Civil War breaks out.

Woods then mentioned the threat of violence was made “across a state line and in response to a political statement.”

“That would be a violation of my civil rights.”

How did Woods figure out the identidy of the man who threatened him? The bozo linked his Instagram account to his Twitter account. Doesn’t take a MENSA member (which James Woods is a proud member of with an IQ of 180) to hide your personal information if you’re going to make threats of any kind.

“The guy threatens to bash my head in on and then links to his account with his bike with his license plates.

It appears Jacob then deleted his Instagram account.

Twitter promptly suspended Matthew Jacob’s account following Woods’ complaint. Note Jacob’s threat is no longer visible.

“You are not going to have wait to see me in the street. Your life just changed forever,” warned Woods.

Woods then confirmed Jacob’s account was suspended.

“His account was suspended. For the record he is Matthew E. Jacob of Manhasset, Long Island. Further info I can give to police would help.”

Like a true badass, Woods reveals to one of his followers that he has a security guy who can “vet anybody in thirty minutes.”

“Not my first threat. But it will be his last.”

If things weren’t already bad for Jacob at this point, Woods then tweets a photo of the man.

“And by the way he is not a kid,” says Woods.

But the Hollywood star didn’t stop there. Instead, Woods launched a hashtag with the man’s name.



Fans then joined in on the hashtag.

Woods told his 790,000 Twitter followers he was filing a report the next morning.

Woods then told his followers to stand up to people making threats.

“I urge all those harassed with violent threats to document the crimes promptly with . It helps police, FBI and attorneys.”

It’s safe to say Matthew E. Jacob learned a very valuable lesson. Never threaten anyone on Twitter. And for the love of G-d, whatever you do, DO NOT mess with James Woods!


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