Malia Obama Writhes Around On Ground During Lollapooza (But Don’t You Dare Speculate Drugs or Alcohol Involved, You Racist!)

On Friday night at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, 19-year-old Malia Obama certainly took to heart the “LET’S MOVE” instructions of her mother’s taxpayer-funded personal-public-relations/exercise campaign.

Video purchasd by TMZ shows Malia Obama and a female friend dancing bacchanalianly as the Killers, a rock band from Las Vegas, performed.

As reported by the U.K.’s Daily Mail:

Malia’s friend throws herself to the ground while Obama’s daughter jokingly pretends to play the drums, matching her moves with the music.

She then helps her friend up before they turn to watch the rest of the show, but the party was far from over.

Footage later captured Malia taking her turn to writhe and roll on the grass, thrashing around before headbanging and pounding the ground during a guitar riff.

Numerous users of Twitter were protective of Malia, irked by those who were taking photos of her at the concert and defending her ability to have “a great time like normal people.”

Unlike “normal people,” Malia was, according to TMZ, with her friends backstage for most of the set. (Additionaly, for what it’s worth, Malia will, unlike “normal people,” be entering her freshman year at Harvard in a few weeks.)

Last year at Lollapalooza, Obama was photographed smoking what appears to be a marijuana joint.

It of course would not be unheard-of for alcohol and drugs to be part of the festivities at Lollapooza, certainly including backstage, away from the “normal people.”

Malia’s father has admitted to past use of marijuana and cocaine (aka “maybe a little blow”).

The amount of privacy and respect to which a Presidential child is entitled (and how much so at the no-longer-a-child age of 19) is of course an ongoing matter of public debate. (Rosie O’Donnell’s cyberbullying of 11-year-old Barron Trump certainly represents one extreme of the debate).


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