Major NASCAR Sponsor Tells Trump Fans To Take Their Business Elsewhere

Guest post by Tom Franklin at American Lookout:

In recent weeks, several CEOs have distanced themselves from President Trump. Some have left advisory councils. Some have attacked President Trump in the press.

But few of them have businesses that serve President Trump’s core supporters.


Now, a CEO of a NASCAR sponsor has decided to tell Trump supporters to take their business elsewhere.

NESN Sports reports:

“Marcus Lemonis invites customers to take their RV and outdoor needs elsewhere. Close followers of NASCAR know Lemonis, CEO of Camping World, is a major player in the sport. His brand is the title sponsor of the truck racing series, while its subsidiary Overton’s has sponsored multiple races and cars this season. With that in mind, NASCAR chairman Brian France — a vocal Donald Trump supporter — might want to watch his words.

Amid the flood of CEOs rushing to distance themselves from Trump after the U.S. president’s wishy-washy denunciation of white supremacy last weekend, Lemonis issued some of the harshest remarks yet. In an appearance Wednesday on CNBC’s ‘Power Lunch,’ Lemonis invited people who supported Trump’s comments to shop elsewhere. ‘There’s no doubt that there is probably not many consumers in this country today that are in favor of what has been said in the last couple days — and if they are, frankly, don’t shop at my business,’ Lemonis said, per”

Does Lemonis not understand that most of his customers support Trump? Or doesn’t he care?

Whatever the answer, Trump supporters now know that Camping World doesn’t want their business.

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