Liberal Stunt Misfire: Inflatable Golden-Haired Trump Chicken On White House Lawn A Huge Hit

A 25-foot tall inflatable chicken with gold Trump hair appeared on the White House lawn this morning. Taran Singh Brar, the man behind the stunt (who did receive an official permit for it on Tuesday) seems to have misfired on this one. Aside from the lack of creativity it takes to purchase an inflatable Trump chicken on eBay (where he got it) and apply for a parks permit, Brar neglected a few other things.

  • First off, President Trump is currently *not* in Washington but has been traveling for the past week (and he won’t be back for another week).
  • Second, this Trump chicken comes literally a day after every MSM TV news source was screaming that Trump is a terrifying and impulsive dictator after he threatened North Korea with “the fury and the fire” if they do not stop their missile tests. So… is he chicken or is he a terrifying dictator, I’m confused.
  • Third, that’s a pretty bad-ass looking chicken. Which makes sense, it was originally designed by an artist to celebrate the Year of the Rooster and was erected outside a Chinese mall. If anything, there are few people who would want to pick a fight with a 25-foot tall angry looking rooster; anyone who has even been around normal-sized roosters in the past knows that they can be vicious enough.

Despite these facts, the stupidity of the left never stops with Taran Singh Brar giving his statement about why he thought it necessary to put a giant Trump chicken on the White House lawn:

“We are out here to criticize our president for being weak and ineffective as a leader and being too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Putin and now engaged in a game of chicken with Kim Jong Un,” Brar said. “Yet he wants a military parade in DC. It’s all incongruous, and we are here to make fun of him for that.”

Well, sorry to break it to ya Taran, but conservatives on Twitter are actually having more fun with this than the left:


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