Liberal Media Now Openly Lying About Deaths by “Far Right Extremists” versus deaths by “Islamic Extremists”

Liberal hacks are on TV today lying about deaths in America by “right-wing extremists” versus “radical Islam” since 9-11.

CBS hack Nora O’Donnell is just one example.
Via Mike Cernovich:

The highly partisan Obama Government Accountability Office released a report in 2016 on the reported deaths by both extremist groups.

The report found that — after adding up all likely incidents they found 62 incidents involving — anti-government, white supremacist, neo-Nazi, Sovereign citizen, far rightis, white man obsessed with Nazism, anti-government Constitutionalist — resulting in 106 murders.


The report found that Islamist attacks, not counting individual murders or honor killings, resulted in 23 attacks and 119 dead bodies.

The report starts on September 12, 2001 because, as we all know, the September 11, 2001 attacks resulted in 2,977 victims which would bring the Islamic total up to 3,096 deaths by Islamic extremists in the same time period.

Grand Total:

106 murders by “far-right” extremists
3,096 by Muslim extremists

Nora O’Donnell is not only wrong, she is purposely deceiving her viewers.

O’Donnell is a dishonest partisan hack and nothing more.

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