More Leaks: Secret Service Emails Banning Sebastian Gorka From White House Published by MSNBC

Two emails ordering White House Secret Service guards to deny Dr. Sebastian Gorka admission to the White House issued Friday night about an hour before Gorka’s resignation as Deputy Assistant to the President was announced were published by MSNBC Monday night in yet another episode of secret or confidential documents being leaked to the media to harm the Trump administration or Trump appointees.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

Images of the emails were posted to Twitter by Joyce Karam.


The emails banning Gorka from the White House are time-stamped 6:45 p.m. and 7:14 p.m. News of Gorka’s resignation was first reported by the Federalist around 8 p.m EDT.

Later reports stated Gorka was forced out.

Gorka was a constant target of hit pieces and leaks during his brief tenure at the Trump White House. His departure does not appear to have been enough for his enemies for them to stop leaking to try to harm Gorka.

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