Laura Ingraham TORCHES Krauthammer After He Attacks Trump’s Condemnation of Alt-Left Violence (VIDEO)

Conservative radio host and best selling author, Laura Ingraham served up Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday evening after he criticized Trump for condemning alt-left violence.

President Trump rightfully condemned the violence coming from the alt-left. He also condemned the white supremacists and Nazi’s for their hatred and bigotry, but that wasn’t enough for the people who hate Trump and want him removed.

According to the mentally ill left and Never Trump frauds, Trump condemning violence from Antifa somehow magically means he is siding with neo-Nazi’s. There is zero logic in this ‘argument’ but when does logic ever drive these lunatic leftists?

Americans have equal protection under the law. All Americans have 1st Amendment rights.

After Ingraham read Trump’s condemnation of the racists at the Charlottesville rally, she said to Krauthammer, “I guess what Charles just said is Donald Trump doesn’t mean that. Now if you’re gonna say that Donald Trump’s a racist or he’s stupid or he’s just doing a hostage tape, I guess you could tell all our FOX viewers that. And I resent that you just said it was a cop out…”

“We have to be honest about the evil of racism and also honest about the evil that the far left is trying to tear down both history and intimidate free speech in this country. That is NOT defending neo-Nazi’s, that is not defending white supremacists; it’s stating a fact about Antifa,” Laura continued.


Video via Stock Monster Twitter

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