Laura Ingraham Slams McMaster For Firing Trump Loyalists: ‘Obama Holdovers Should Do Real Time For Leaks’

Conservative radio host and best selling author, Laura Ingraham took to her twitter account to attack NatSec Advisor H.R. McMaster following his purge of Trump loyalists while the leaks continue.

Laura Ingraham tweeted, “Obama holdovers at NSC or State Dept who are leaking should do real time for the leaks. Why has McMaster fired actual Trump supporters?”

Laura Ingraham also tweeted out a New York Times articled detailing how H.R. McMaster repudiated language being used by the Trump administration such as ‘radical Islam’ or ‘Islamic terrorism’. “H.R. McMaster breaks with administration on views of Islam”.


As TGP reported Wednesday, National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster fired yet ANOTHER Trump loyalist who was originally brought on board by former NatSec Advisor, General Flynn.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick was the senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council and has been dismissed as the purge continues.

The Atlantic also reported earlier Wednesday that NSC official, Rich Higgins, a member of the Nationalist faction of the White House, was fired after penning a memo outlining the Deep State threats facing President Trump. 

TGP also previously reported, Sara Carter of Circa News said her sources told her that NatSec Advisor, H.R. McMaster has been communicating White House internal politics to Deep State Acting FBI Director Andy McCabe. Carter then implied that more White House shake-ups are perhaps on the horizon.

We have long suspected H.R. McMaster to be a globalist. As TGP previously reportedSusan Rice wanted General Flynn out. After McMaster was brought in to replace Flynn, she took to her Twitter account to congratulate him and said, “Hope you will be able to choose your team, have direct reporting and daily access to POTUS, and can eliminate Strategic Initiatives Group.”
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