Judge Napolitano: AG Sessions Can Press Charges Against Hillary – “Mountain-load of Guilt” (Video)

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Stuart Varney today on FOX Business Network that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a “truckload of materials” that “paint a picture of a mountain load of guilt.”

Judge Napolitano: What is new is that there are new emails that were obtained by a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch which the State Department in the Obama administration and the Trump administration declined to turn over… We are the only ones that are talking about this.

…Is this enough to cause Jeff Sessions to present the evidence against her for the misuse of state secrets to a grand jury? Absolutely! Do they need a special prosecutor? No they don’t!… Actually he (AG Sessions) doesn’t have to investigate. He has a truckload of materials that the FBI accumulated under Jim Comey which paints a picture of a mountain-load of her guilt.

Do it, Jeff Sesions! Indict that crook!

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