Jim Acosta Defends Anti-Police Protesters – Gets Owned on Twitter

Very fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta stepped on a rake Saturday after he defended anti-police protesters while attacking President Trump on Twitter without fact-checking.

President Trump sent out a series of Tweets Saturday after violence erupted at a Boston free speech rally. As usual, left-wing Antifa terrorists showed up to violently attack police officers and Trump supporters.

Boston Police Department Commissioner William Evans told reporters on Saturday that leftist protesters hurled bottles full of urine at the police.


President Trump called out the anti-police agitators by tweeting, “Looks like many anti-police agitators in Boston, Police are looking tough and smart! Thank you.”

So far 27 leftists have been arrested.

Jim Acosta took to his Twitter account to attack President Trump instead of condemning the violence coming from Antifa. Acosta tweeted, “Yet POTUS tweeted about ‘many anti-police agitators.’ What happened to waiting on the facts to come in?”

This was hours after the Boston Police confirmed protesters were throwing rocks, bottles of urine and other harmful projectiles at police officers, but when have facts every mattered to CNN or Jim Acosta?

Acosta got owned by the truth tellers on Twitter:



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