Jim Acosta Attacks POTUS Trump’s Uplifting Speech to Texans – Trump Supporters Respond

Very fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta just can’t help himself. President Trump has shown true leadership with his swift action in helping Texans deal with the fallout from Hurricane Harvey so Jim Acosta just had to find something to complain about. Classy.

Texans are dying and suffering because of Hurricane Harvey and Jim Acosta, showing he has absolutely zero class whatsoever, attacked Trump’s uplifting speech in Corpus Christi.

President Trump thanked the Texas Governor and Senator Cruz and everyone else who is assisting the people who are affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“This is historic, this is epic, but you know what? It happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything!”

President Trump then held up the Texas flag and the crowd went wild!

Jim Acosta grumbled that President Trump ‘cared about the size of the crowd’ as he addressed Texans. All Trump said was ‘what a turn out’ as he encouraged Texans to be strong and work together to rebuild.

Perhaps Jim Acosta prefers Obama’s approach to helping flood victims. Obama golfed while people in Louisiana died from floods in August of 2016. Who was in Louisiana helping? That’s right–then-candidate Donald Trump.

Here is President Trump’s uplifting speech. Only a hate-filled liberal would knock it.


Trump supporters pummeled Acosta:

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