Japanese Residents Wake Up to Eerie Sirens and Announcements Warning of North Korea’s Missile Launch (VIDEO)

The Japanese government has just warned that North Korea has fired a missile towards Northern Japan.


 Japanese residents woke up to eerie sirens and announcements that North Korea launched a missile.
One Twitter user posted a video from his home of the announcement he woke up to. A person by the name of ‘Joe‘ who lives in Hokkaido, Japan tweeted, “I woke up with a siren and an announcement that North Korea launched a missile that would possibly hit cities within Hokkaido.”


The same Twitter user also posted the warning he received on his cell phone. He tweeted, “Scarrrrry but I appreciate all the warning systems. There’s one on the phone too. Everything is just buzzing.”

Joe responded to people on Twitter asking him if he was safe. He confirmed that he is safe, however; he will be staying indoors for the morning. He also said this is the first time his city has every received a warning like this from the government.

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