Indian Man With Low GPA ‘Faked Being Black to Get Into Medical School’ – It Worked! (VIDEO)

Vijay Chokal-Ingam describes himself as an ‘anti-affirmative action hactivist’. He wrote a book titled Almost Black detailing how he was able to get into medical school with an abysmal GPA by pretending he was black.

Vijay Chokal Ingam said he ‘shaved his head, trimmed his eyelashes and joined the organization for black students’ when he began his quest to finagle his way into medical school by exploiting the affirmative action programs in place.

Vijay claims that he interviewed at medical schools across the country and was accepted into St. Louis University School of Medicine despite the fact that he had an abysmal 3.1 GPA which is dramatically lower than the school’s average of 3.7.


So as an Indian, Vijay Chokal Ingam would be denied entry to the top medical schools, but since the schools thought he was a black man, he was admitted. Would you want a doctor diagnosing you or operating on you who isn’t qualified? This is an eye opener.

The Trump administration is targeting affirmative action programs plaguing colleges across the country. While affirmative action may have had it’s season at one point, it is way past time to eliminate the program.

Video via Mark Dice YouTube:

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