Hundreds of ISIS Fighters Surrender to Iraqi Forces After Fleeing Key Stronghold (VIDEO)

Footage has emerged showing hundreds of ISIS fights surrendering to Iraqi forces after fleeing “the key town of Tal Afar.” Iranian-state television Press TV published the footage on Wednesday.

Twitter video credit: Press TV

Daily Mail UK reports:

The video circulating on social media purports to show suspected jihadis kneeling outside a desert town, which could be al-Ayadieh, patrolled by Iraqi peshmerga troops.

ISIS fighters fled to al-Ayadieh after the key town of Tal Afar, one of its final strongholds in the country, fell last week.

Today, Iraqi military officials announced they had recaptured the eastern half of al-Ayadieh from the extremists.

Troops, police and special forces seized full control of the city of Tal Afar, ten miles from al-Ayadieh, last Sunday.

Between ‘150 and 200 ISIS fighters moved with their families up to Al-Ayadieh’, according to Brigadier General Andrew A Croft, deputy commander of the US-led coalition air units.

Iraqi forces had said the fighting in the area had been ‘multiple times worse’ than the battle for Mosul’s old city, which was retaken from ISIS last month.

Recently, ISIS captured eight civilians trying to escape the glorious Islamic State caliphate in Iraq. The Islamic group put the prisoners in a cage, covered them with tar and then torched them.

BasNews reported:

Islamic State (IS) militants burned to death eight civilians, including one infant, after trying to flee the areas held by the extremist group in southwest Kirkuk.

According to a security source, who spoke to Al Sumaria News on condition of anonymity, the IS insurgents arrested the eight civilians after trying to escape the IS-held areas of Hawija, heading towards the region of al-Alam in the Salahaddin province.

The source explained that the victims were then caged and tar was poured on them before setting them on fire, IraqiNews reported.

The IS militants captured areas in southwestern Kirkuk back in 2014, when the extremist group first emerged in Iraq and declared its self-proclaimed “caliphate.” Since then the jihadists have executed hundreds of civilians and Iraqi security personnel.

ISIS has a history of torching prisoners in cages.

ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive in 2015.

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